Sensory workshop ESDI-Roca Gallery Barcelona

Working with a group of interior design students from ESDi School of Design (University Jamon Lull, Barcelona) as part of an Erasmus+ exchange, we took over the ROCA gallery in Barcelona to carry out a sensory study of the site and a creative activity designed to help students reconnect with sensing through design research for interior design practice, making the activity both practice-led and practice based experience. Following on site investigations, students were invited to translate their experience into three-dimensional artefacts.

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Sensory flow and design explorations

In this workshop introduces a method to document embodied multisensory experiences in space. It is followed by an experimental design activity.


You will be assigned a sensory system documentation template to document a pre-selected site outside the ESDI building. Bring your sketchbook and a range of pen.

Once on site, use the template provided to document your embodied experience of the sensory system you have been assigned and map/sketch your experiences in your sketchbook.


Team with three other people so that each of you represents a sensory system (visual, auditory, smell/taste, haptic). As a team, make a collective mind map of their sensory documentation, highlighting significant elements, scale, connections, hierarchies, qualities/emotions.


Working individually again, use the information on the mind map as the basis for the design of a multisensory space/structure. Experiment by making 3 different sketch models to explore how you can give 3D form and spatial expression to your group sensory documentation. The objective is to explore and experiment not to provide a definitive solution.

Presentations and discussion

In your group, present your models to each other. Each group selects 1 model to present to the class and discuss insights.

BA Interior Design students, Course Leader Alicia Fernández and Valerie Mace
Students translate their research into a three-dimensional artefact