Spatial Experience 2014 at the RCA

Following a successful talk on Spatial Experience at the Royal College of Art in 2013, I was invited again to share my research interests in this area and this time it was filmed!

I introduced RCA students to environmental perceptions in 3 stages: the scale of perceptions, background knowledge, tools and methodologies. Although the RCA doesn’t have any courses on spatial design or architecture, many students work on project that introduce a level of interaction between people and space. It’s great to be able to contribute and some students are very keen as I found out after the talk and from the emails I received.

SPATIAL EXPERIENCE – An insight into environmental perceptions

The lecture proposes that life itself is a performance and considers the notion of space not simply as a physical entity but as an event. Starting with observations on identity, cultural ideologies and communication, the proposal unfolds to provide an insight into environmental perceptions and atmospheric qualities, and includes examples of experimental projects designed to develop environmental awareness and knowledge of spatial experiences.

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